Fellowship Programme Overview

Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme Overview

Our Fellowship Programme has been carefully designed to make it manageable alongside work or childcare.

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We officially welcome you to the Leaders Plus Fellowship Spring 2021 Cohort!

  • Hear from an inspirational panel of senior leaders who have combined starting a family with ambitious careers
  • Ask important questions and get new ideas about how to combine your own career with young children

Previous panelists have included:
Alexandra Marks OBE, Judge, and former partner at Linklaters
Will McDonald, Public Policy Director at Aviva
Karen Blackett OBE, former CEO and Chair of Mediacom
Geraldine Strathdee, Psychiatrist and former National Clinical Director for Mental Health
Poppy Jaman OBE, former CEO and founder of Mental Health First AID


Get to know the Fellows and start making life long connections!

  • We'll share everything you need to know to get the most out of your time on the Fellowship programme
  • You will be matched with another Fellow in the group ready to start pre-work on your individual strengths
  • Receive a detailed introduction to some of the methodology behind our sessions

We apply the Leaders Plus principles in all of our sessions, and a number of our workshops use an approach called the Thinking Environment which gets Fellows to think very quickly very deeply.

[Time: 2 hours]


Match with your mentor and learn how to get the most from your relationship.

  • We pair you with the mentor we believe will benefit you most
  • All our mentors have lived experience of combining a senior leadership career and raising young children
  • We select mentors based on their commitment to supporting parents to continue to progress their careers, their willingness to support individuals and their capacity and commitment to invest in an individual

Previous Mentors have included:
Alexandra Marks, Partner at Linklaters & Judge, (listen to our podcast with Alexandra here)
Laura Harrison, former HR & Strategy Director at the CIPD and Co-Founder of the Human Change Agency (listen to our podcast here)
Jo Mosley, HR Director, Salvation Army UK
Tim Allen, Partner at PWC (listen to Tim's podcast here)

[Time: 2.5 hours]


Together with your peers, you will hear groundbreaking research about career progression for parents and explore the dynamics of workload management, the pay gap, and other key barriers.

  • What does research tell us about the barriers for working parents?
  • How can you use your strengths in practical strategies to overcome those?
  • What can you learn from others in the group about overcoming those barriers?

[Time: 2 hours]


Start thinking about your long term vision for your career and your family life.

  • If nothing was to hold you back, what would your ideal career and family life look like?
  • How can you communicate your needs to get your vision?
  • How can you ensure that you can work towards your vision whilst maintaining your wellbeing and resilience today?

The session is structured in a way to get you to think deeply and challenge any existing assumptions you may have as a diverse group.

[Time: 2 hours]


Why do some people get promoted and others don’t? How can you implement research on career progression practically in the context of being a working parent? Using the latest research on what enables career progression, this workshop explores practical tools you can use to accelerate in your chosen field.

  • Together with your peers, make concrete plans for evolving your network/finding a sponsor
  • Practice how to ask for the things you need
  • Present your emerging vision to your peers and receive their support and guidance

[Time: 2 hours]


In pairs, you will practice explaining your achievements to each other and champion yourself. Together you will support each other to develop a concrete action plan, using our structured Leaders Plus framework. Plus access the latest research about networks that can progress your career.

  • Who do you need to bring into your network and how can you do that virtually without attending networking events?
  • Who do you need to sponsor you, i.e. champion you behind closed doors and how can you find a sponsor?
  • How can you ensure your network champions your achievements?

[Time: 2 hours]


Together we'll develop a highly practical plan which visualises the career and family life you would like.

  • Get access to research about life design and habit change to ensure that can work towards your vision in simple and achievable steps

[Time: 1.5 hours]


A fantastic opportunity to develop your joint vision for both your careers and family life.

  • Research what works for couples who combine ambitious careers and young children
  • Explore together what works for you, what you both need, and how you can navigate potential barriers
  • Hear from other couples who have successfully combined dual careers about what works

We also offer a workshop specifically for our solo parent leaders which explores how to create and maintain your support network

[Time: 1.5 hours x 2 evening sessions | Optional]


Together with your line manager, you will discuss how to achieve your career goals.

  • Your line manager will get access to the latest research on line management approaches that enable parents to excel in their careers
  • Work together with your line manager to shape your career

[Time: 3 hours | Optional]


Come together as a group one last time to reflect on the Programme and celebrate your progress!

  • Further professional development opportunities will be offered
  • Senior leaders from your organisation will be invited to hear from Fellows.
  • How to become a trustee/non-executive director
  • How to manage your workload
  • How to look after your mental health and managing overwhelm
  • How to use LinkedIn and Twitter
  • For those on parental leave: how to return to work with courage
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