Retaining Mid Career Professionals & Middle Leaders: Fresh Ideas Roundtable for HR and L&D Leaders

How to retain mid career professionals? Fresh ideas roundtable for HR and Learning and Development leaders

Tuesday, February 01 9.30am - 11.00am, Virtual Roundtable Discussion

At this fast paced and interactive event, you will hear from a variety of thought leaders including Verena Hefti FRSA, Top 5 HR Magazine Most Influential Thinkers, Lee Higgins, former Headhunter and co-Founder Diverse Talent Networks on new ideas to retain mid career professionals and middle leaders.

A group of thought leaders will each present a fresh idea for 3-4 minutes on retention which will be followed by a breakout discussion where you can share your own approaches to retention and learn from other HR and L&D leaders.

You will have a chance to discuss your own approaches to retention of mid career professionals with HR and L&D leaders in other industries in small groups and receive suggestions from others.

We will also present to you what mid career professionals have told us about how you can stand out to them as an employer.

01 February 2022 | 9.30am - 11.00am | Roundtable Discussion

About Your Host and Speakers

Verena Hefti - CEO & Founder of Leaders PlusVerena Hefti FRSA, CEO & Founder, Leaders Plus

Verena Hefti is the multi award winning CEO of our social enterprise Leaders Plus and host of the five start rated Big Careers Small Children podcast. She has supported hundreds of ambitious parent who have successfully returned to senior careers after maternity leave/shared parental leave and adoption leave and enjoys bringing like minded people together who aren't afraid to challenge thinking. Verena also runs the award winning Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme which supports ambitious working parents who wish to accelerate their careers.

Lee Higgins - Leaders Plus

Lee Higgins, Director, Former Headhunter and co-Founder, Diverse Talent netWorks