Leaders With Babies Podcast

Leaders with Babies Podcast by Leaders Plus Too often, ambitious men and women feel they must choose between pursuing a leadership career they love and enjoying their young family.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Leaders with Babies is a brand-new podcast from Leaders Plus, an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to supporting parents of young children who are ambitious about their career whilst caring deeply about being a good parent. (For more information about our Fellowship Programme for new parents click here.)

Join CEO and Founder Verena Hefti as she interviews inspiring leaders from all walks of life who have successfully combined a leadership career with raising a young family. Her guests candidly share the challenges they have overcome and the practical solutions that have helped make their vision for their career and family life a reality.


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Dr Susie Minson Paediatric Consultant and Leaders Plus Fellow Episode 1 – Dr Susie Minson 

Consultant Paediatrician and busy mum Dr Susie Minson joins Verena to discuss her biggest learning points when combining a thriving leadership career in the NHS with raising her 3 young children.

Hannah Essex - British Chamber of Commerce and Leaders Plus FellowEpisode 2 – Hannah Essex

Hannah Essex, Co-Executive Director at the British Chamber of Commerce joins Verena to discuss the benefits of job sharing whilst raising her young family.

Elizabeth Emens Professor of Law Columbia Law SchoolEpisode 3 – Elizabeth Emens

Professor of Law and author of the brilliant book ‘The Art of Life Admin’, Elizabeth Emens joins Verena Hefti to share her top tips for managing the spiral of day-to-day tasks that can often overwhelm and exhaust us.

Dame Helena Morrissey Leaders With Babies PodcastEpisode 4 – Dame Helena Morrissey

Dame Helena Morrissey, a financier, author, wife and mother of nine joins Verena to share the highlights of her fascinating senior leadership career.

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