The Award-Winning Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme

Leaders Plus Fellowship for Parents who are ambitious at work

At Leaders Plus we believe it's absolutely okay to love your children and still be ambitious at work.

Our multi-award-winning Fellowship programme is for parents who have a young child (primary school age, toddler or baby or are on parental leave) and wish to develop their career. 

It's expertly designed to support parents so that you can stay on the leadership pipeline and continue to progress in the career your love, whilst at the same time enjoy your young family.

Dr Susie Minson, Consultant Paediatrician and Leaders Plus Fellow

We are delighted that 100% of our previous Fellows "feel more confident about developing their career as a parent" as a result of the programme.

Through the Fellowship we are building a community of change-makers who are passionate that you do not have to choose between your career and your family.

We know that with the right support, all parents can thrive in leadership roles.

Over the course of 9-months our Fellows have access to:

  • an external peer support network across a range of industries
  • world-class training by experienced facilitators and coaches
  • personal mentoring by a senior leader who has combined a career with young children
  • inspiring role models who have combined successful leadership careers whilst raising young children

Plus, all of our sessions are baby-friendly too!

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Our March 2020 Fellowship has been delivered entirely online. Here are some highlights from our interim impact survey:

  • 96% strongly agree "I would highly recommend the Leaders Plus Fellowship programme to other parents who are passionate about their careers" (the remaining 4% agree)
  • 100% strongly agree or agree that they "feel more confident about developing their career as a parent as a result of the programme"
  • 100% strongly agree or agree that "despite the Covid-19 crisis, the Fellowship helped me feel more confident about my career potential"
  • 96% strongly agree or agree that they have "gained the ongoing support from the network of ambitious parents and mentors within the Fellowship programme 2020"

The full 2018 impact report linked below also highlights many positive changes as a result of our Fellowship Programme.

This includes a huge increase in confidence levels amongst our Fellows, as well as the power of our cross-sector network which is instrumental in supporting our Fellows to achieve their vision for career and family.

We are delighted that more than a third of our 2018 Fellows have been promoted to date.

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