Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme

Too many talented parents drop off the leadership pipeline because they find it difficult to develop leadership careers while at the same time enjoying happy family lives. This leads to gender inequality in senior leadership roles.

The Leaders Plus Fellowship, supported by the RSA, is a first of its kind programme. This highly selective programme will support a group of talented individuals to continue their leadership careers while enjoying fulfilled family lives.

Programme objectives:

  • Empowering highly talented individuals to develop their leadership career while caring for small children. 
  • Supporting fellows to define what work life balance they want and how to get it.
  • Enabling fellows to build up a powerful network that helps them to develop their career and their confidence.

The programme includes:

  • A programme of workshops with like minded peers on topics such as 'how to overcome the maternal/paternal wall and manage workplace politics' and 'how to return to work as a boss'.
  • Access to inspirational role models and mentorship
  • Support by experts for example a sleep consultant

Application and selection process: applicants which will complete an application form which will be reviewed by our advisory panel. The application process will be opened in autumn.

Application criteria:

We are looking for candidates with the following characteristics:

  • Potential to advance to senior leadership roles based on leadership competencies, examples of impact in previous roles. Experience in paid and voluntary roles will be considered.
  • Programme relevance: we are looking for candidates who demonstrate how they will apply the programme.
  • Committment to supporting peers through peer coaching and supporting other leaders with young children.
  • We will ask for a recommendation by your line manager. However, if your line manager is not supportive or you are not currently employed this will not exclude you.
  • Candidates will have significant childcare responsibilities for children under two. Candidates may be in full time or part time work or on maternity/shared parental leave. Successful applicants will often be in their second or third leadership role. This is a cross sector programme and open to women and men.

You are not sure whether you have what it takes? Many talented leaders suffer from imposter syndrome, so doubting whether you are good enough doesn't mean you shouldn't apply. If in doubt, contact us.


Supported by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce (RSA)