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Too often, parents feel they have to choose between being a good parent and a fulfilling leadership career. We’re here to change this.

The statistics are clear, being a working parent can have a significant impact on career progression.

Studies suggest that between the ages of 30-40, the gender pay gap increases by more than 10%, and with every child the pay gap increases by a further 3%. This equates to a huge loss of top talent for employers particularly at senior levels.

What is the Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme?

The Leaders Plus Fellowship is a 9-month multi-award-winning development Programme backed by Cambridge Social Ventures.

It has been expertly designed specifically to tackle the issues and support parent leaders and their line managers during a critical time when many mothers and fathers drop out of leadership careers.

Over the past 4 years, we have been able to support middle and senior leaders with significant childcare responsibilities (or those currently on maternity or parental leave) from a diverse range of sectors and industries.

As well as directly impacting parents, the Fellowship offers a tangible long-term solution that can inform your gender pay gap action plan and wider gender inclusion strategies.

It helps to address the root cause of the gender pay gap and provides employers with an opportunity to engage with these issues by partnering with our innovative and award-winning social enterprise.

We are building a positive movement for change so that new parents can thrive in leadership roles and progress their careers. Join us!

The Big Issues for Working Parents
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The Fellowship enables employers to address very real issues around top talent retention and mobility, particularly in relation to gender inclusion.  Over 150 exceptional individuals have joined our Programme from a diverse range of sectors and industries, including:

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