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Submit Your Application to the Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme

Find everything you need to submit your application to the Leaders Plus Fellowship on this page.

We are delighted that you are ready to invest in your future and apply for the Fellowship Programme.

If you have any questions then please email us. Once you have started your application form you will also be able to schedule a call  to discuss your application with us in more detail.

Application Deadlines

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to our Fellowship Programme as places fill fast.
Please be advised the last date you can submit an application is:

Tuesday 01 March 2022


The Investment

The cost of the Fellowship Programme depends on whether you choose the online or blended learning version of the Programme. Find out more here.

Online Only Investment (Online):

Standard Rate: £2999 plus VAT (reducing to £2899 if 3 Fellows or more are successful from one organisation)
Charity Rate: £2590 plus VAT for charity employees
Self Funder Rate: £1990 plus VAT for self funders

Blended Learning Investment (Online & Face-to-Face):

Standard Rate: £3550 plus VAT
Charity Rate: £2990 plus VAT for charity employees
Self Funder Rate: £2190 plus VAT for self funders

Please note: You are able to pay in instalments.

Leaders Plus - Selection Criteria
Hardship Fund and Part-Funded Places

We have a small number of hardship fund places available for £500 + VAT or less if cost is a barrier. Please feel free to contact us to discuss. Find out more about hardship fund places and who is eligible here.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine are generously part-funding 6 places on the Fellowship in 2022. Find out more about accessing those places here. 


How to Apply:

  • Please read the commitments listed below and check you (and your line manager where applicable) agree with the statements.
  • Please ensure you meet the selection criteria (above) and check you are eligible for the Fellowship.
  • Click the link above and complete the short application form. You can create an account and save your progress.
  • There are a limited number of places available and we are regularly oversubscribed, it's advisable to apply early.
  • All applicants complete the same online form and all applications are assessed against the criteria.

Useful Resources:

We have a number of useful resources that can support you if you're seeking employer funding for your place on the Fellowship Programme.

Your Commitments as a Fellow:
  • Uphold the Fellowship principles
  • Actively contribute to events and workshops (subject to child-related emergencies of course)
  • Support other leaders with babies within and outside the Fellowship cohort
  • Actively engage with your mentor and your line manager as per the below
  • Complete every evaluation questionnaire to support Leaders Plus to continuously improve the programme
Your Line Managers Commitments:

Line manager commitment is optional but recommended, please disregard if you do not have a traditional line manager.

  • Confirms they support your application
  • Confirms they are happy to attend the 3-hour online manager workshop
  • Commits to two 1-2-1 conversations (an hour each) between the two of you (one at the start and one at the end of the programme)
Tulip Siddiq MP and Patron of Leaders Plus
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