About the Leaders Plus Fellowship

About the Leaders Plus Fellowship

The Leaders Plus Fellowship will equip you with the essential tools and support you need to thrive at work whilst still enjoying time with your family.

Over the course of 9 months, the Fellowship will help guide you as you develop and refine what works for you when it comes to progressing your career and balancing a happy home.

From the very beginning, you'll get support from a courageous community of peers who are also juggling work and parenthood, plus expert guidance from your own dedicated career mentor.

Throughout the Fellowship, you'll be inspired by new ideas from industry thought leaders and access a variety of masterclasses to help with some of the practical challenges that arise day-to-day.

By the time your 9 months is complete, you'll be a confident leader and an empowered working parent thanks to the skills and techniques you've learned from the Fellowship.

Drake Peabody, IHS Towers and Leaders Plus Fellow
Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme Overview

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What's Included in the Fellowship Programme?

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Choice of Delivery: Fellows can choose between a virtual Programme delivered online in small groups and a blended Programme which includes some face-to-face sessions (London/possibly Birmingham). Every session is delivered in a structured format that is easy to follow.

Inspirational Speakers: 
Our carefully selected speakers are experts at facilitating life-changing conversations. Each session is based on the latest research and includes practical advice on how to apply this to your career – described by one Fellow as ‘life-changing!’

Dedicated Mentor: As part of the Fellowship, you will be carefully matched with a dedicated mentor who will guide you during your time on the Programme. All our mentors have lived experience of combining a senior leadership career and raising young children.

Fellows have access to a peer support network
Peer Support: Through the Fellowship you will have access to a powerful peer support network of like-minded professionals. Our incisive questioning means you quickly connect as a group, developing relationships that have an impact far beyond the Fellowship.

We know how challenging it can be juggling caring for your baby and your career. That’s why all our Fellowship sessions are baby-friendly and it is not a problem if they are with you during our sessions. Gurgling, crying, and giggling are absolutely allowed!

Space to Think
Space and Time: 
The Fellowship provides important space and time away from work and family life to practice self-reflection. Together with your dedicated mentor, you will visualise the aspirations you have for the future and define the practical steps to get there.

How much does the Fellowship Programme cost?

New for 2022, we now offer two options for joining the Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme.

Option 1 which is an online only Programme and includes an option for UK-based and International Fellows, depending on where you are in the world.

Option 2 which is a blended learning Programme and features 3 longer face-to-face workshops in London/possibly Birmingham between 10.30am and 2.30pm combined with virtual workshops.

The content is exactly the same for both groups but the higher price for the blended learning Programme reflects the additional costs involved due to venue hire.

Find full details of the investment below, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

If you work in emergency medicine you may be able to access one of 6 generously part-funded places offered in partnership with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. Find out more about those places.

Fellowship Costs

(Virtual Sessions Only)
Standard Rate: £2999 plus VAT (reducing to £2899 if 3 Fellows or more are successful from one organisation)
Charity Rate: £2590 plus VAT for charity employees
Self Funder Rate: £1990 plus VAT for self funders


(Mix of Virtual Sessions & Face-to-Face)
Standard Rate: £3550 plus VAT
Charity Rate: £2990 plus VAT for charity employees
Self Funder Rate: £2190 plus VAT for self funders

Find Out More About our Hardship Fund and Part-Funded Places

We have a small number of hardship fund places available for £500 + VAT or less if cost is a barrier. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this. Find out more about hardship fund places and who is eligible here.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine are generously part-funding 6 places on the Fellowship in 2022. Find out more about accessing those places here. 

Who Can Apply for the Leaders Plus Fellowship?

Can you answer 'yes' to the following questions?

  • Are you a parent?
  • Have you got a child in Primary school, or a toddler or baby? (The programme is also accessible during maternity leave, shared parental leave or adoption leave)
  • Are you passionate about continuing to develop your career?
  • Are you willing to support other parents on the programme to continue to develop their career whilst enjoying their children?
  • Is your current or last role a job with significant responsibility, i.e. a management or leadership role?
  • Can you commit a small amount of time alongside your work and childcare to devote to the Fellowship Programme?

If you answered 'yes' to all of the above then you can apply!

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