#92 Big Careers, Small Children: Nicky Kendrick

Big Careers, Small Children - ep92 - Nicky Kendrick

Are you confident sharing your authentic self at work? Including being open about having children?

Nicky Kendrick is Head of Own at Ford Motor Company and was able to successfully negotiate a job share at a senior level.

In this episode of Big Careers, Small Children Nicky shares why it’s important for her to lead by example and role model being a parent who works (rather than a working parent) to others in her team.

She discusses:

  • Tips for negotiating a job share within your company, especially if there hasn’t been one before
  • Why you should bring your authentic self to work and be open about having children
  • How many “female” personality traits actually make you a better manager
  • Why just because you’ve been told no before doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity for change
  • Why progressing your career can be a long game, allowing you to shift focus on other priorities like your children

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