What is Leaders Plus?

Leaders Plus is a social enterprise enabling talented women and men with young children to continue to develop their leadership careers. Too often parents feel they have to choose between being a good parent and a fulfilling leadership career, we help change this.

We offer high quality training, mentoring, peer support and access to inspiring role models. We aim to build a positive movement for change so that new parents can thrive in leadership roles. Our workshops focus on how to continue to develop your career while looking after young children and managing your work life balance.

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"It was so good to get a big group together of mothers and fathers passionate about being good parents but also continue in leadership careers - and so inspiring to hear from some of the people running the country who have done just that!"
Bea Stevenson Mum of two, Head of Social & Emotional Learning Family Links

"This is the kind of event necessary to start the conversation about parents in leadership, how to make it happen, give encouragement and start improving the status quo. A very important event."

Kathrin Madl Mum to a baby, HR Business Partner at Moody's Corporation

"Leaders with Babies was a fantastic opportunity to learn from women who are already leaders and showing that you can make it work as part of being a mother - inspiring and motivating!"

Rachael Mpashi-Marx Expecting the first baby; Social entrepreneur and co-founder Just:

Fellowship for Leaders with Young Children – register your interest

The fellowship programme supports ambitious parents with young children to continue to develop their careers while looking after their young families. The programme is accessible during parental leave and beyond.

Join the movement

Be invited to inspirational events & connect to others.

Be a speaker or mentor, offer expertise, venues or funding.

Gender Equality Facts

Number of FTSE 100 companies led by women.
Percentage of people who believe women are less committed at work once they have a child.
A man's flexible working request is twice as likely to be rejected compared to a woman's.
Between age 30 and 40, the gender paygap increases by 11.3% from 5.7% to 17% (fulltime employment).

Mentors & work shadowing

We offer high quality mentoring to Parent Leaders by experienced HR professionals. Work shadowing provides access to senior leaders and enables Parent Leaders to consider unwritten rules of career development.

Safe space: high quality peer support

Parent Leaders support each other through peer coaching and are actively invested in each others’ success. This gives new parents a safe space to think about their next steps.

Inspirational events & transformative development

Inspiring events and professional development give Parent Leaders access to inspirational models and evidence based practice. Most opportunities are baby inclusive, breaking the paradigm that it is ok to develop professionally while caring for small children.


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